Looking for information on a Solicitor named: Malcolm Stewart GRAHAM?

Until Q4 2012 the following file was hosted by the SRA - /documents/consumers/SDT/2010/apr/graham-_bruce-and-ostell-9951-08.pdf

This may no longer be the case. If you NEED information you might try the following:

SDT Web Site

  • Try searching the SDT database on their own site - click --> Here
  •    [Or construct your own search at http://www.solicitorstribunal.org.uk/search/JudgementSearch.aspx]


  • Google may be able to locate a copy of the original PDF elsewhere - click Here
  •    [if the above returns no results try This or This]

    The Gazette

  • Search for old news Here
  •    [controlled by the Law Society - "history" can be "re-written" (for the right price?) it seems!]

    Find the Firm

  • Try seraching for the individial Here - and find the name of the Law FIRM
  • Dig for dirt on the firm here, here and here
  •    ...and if you find them on the last link try The Wayback Machine for the info the Law Society spent 150,000 to supress.

    Good Luck! Stay Safe! Avoid FDC Law, Norton House, High Street, Midsomer Norton, BA3 2DF at all costs