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For the time being the survey results are displayed in simple tabular form.  Later we expect to add ranked year-by-year figures and performance graphs.  More detailed results may also be found on the A to Z of Law Firms page. 

A to Z of Law Firms 

Tabular Results on this page

The Three Offices - 1998 to 2008

Quality Standards and the Ombudsman

Year-on-Year and Performance Graphs


Top Complaints about solicitors

Top Complaints about solicitors in ranked order  Precentage
Dishonesty / Fraud / Lying 87%
Professional Misconduct (i.e. they broke the rules)   85%
They behaved unprofessionally 79%
They gave inaccurate or incomplete information 74%
Negligence (i.e. they did not exercise reasonable skill or care) 71%
Instructions were not followed / carried out 63%
They gave bad advice 58%
They were incompetent 57%
They made mistakes in the work they did 57%
They didnt reply to your letters and/or phone calls 54%
You were not treated respectfully 52%
They didnt keep you informed about the progress of your case 52%
Excessive delays in handling your case 49%
Other (not ranked) - click here for a list 42%



The Three offices over the years

What Complainants said about... The OSS The CCS LCS/SRA
Number of complaints 27 20 60
Average Time Taken (months) 2 4 2
Complaints were not taken seriously 88% 85% 85%
Complaints were not properly addressed 96% 95% 96%
Compensation paid... 0% 20% 11%

Average payout... (where compensation was paid)

because of what the solicitor had done

0 1 27871.875

Average payout... (where compensation was paid)

because of Law Society's own failings




Disciplinary action taken against law firm? 0% 0% 0%
Satisfaction with the outcome Appalled 85% 85% 85%
No At All Satisfied 14% 15% 13%
Partly Satisfied 0% 0% 1%
 Reasonably Satisfied 0% 0% 0%
Extremely Satisfied 0% 0% 0%
Overall Satisfaction with regulator  Worse than Useless 85% 75% 83%
Appalling 11% 10% 11%
Poor 0% 5% 3%
Mixed 3% 5% 0%
Good 0% 5% 0%
Excellent 0% 0% 1%
User Comments about... OSS CCS LCS/SRA



Complaints that went further - Quality Standards and the Ombudsman

Beyond the Law Society... The OSS The CCS LCS/SRA Comments
Total number of complaints... 27 20 60  

Also complained to the

Quality & Service Standards Team 

0% 7% 23%

Click here for user comments

about their Q&S experience

Also complained to the

Legal Services Ombudsman 

48% 25% 46%

Click here for user comments

about their LSO experience


Year-on-year and Performance Graphs


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